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Just signed up for six weeks of level one salsa. Did the first lesson and loved it. I like Salsa because it is like the economy of emotion i believe.

In Salsa the moves that generate better feelings are worth more, and so in a sense you can generate value from thin air. Amazing.

Such is the case with more tangible things in life i believe. The most productive people in the work force I find are usually those who enjoy their jobs, and move to it in a steady rhythm and with good feelings, just like a samba.

The same could be said for business owners and entrepreneurs. I've noticed said people ,who, feeling the beat of profits, can Cumbia Raza all the way to the bank.

All these people and more usually enjoy what they do and get lost in the rhythm of it all, the whole thing is like a dance to them, a feeling, as opposed to a burden, a chore, or a grind.

I work in construction, and I often dance around the building site.

This can sometimes make the very hard, masculine tradesmen feel uncomfortable, and they urge me to stop. So I dance all the harder, pulling out the power moves, and swinging my tool belt around. Sometimes they shake their heads in disgust and other times they join in. Whatever the case, It makes the day go faster, and I love it.

Moral of the story? whatever you do in life, do it while you dancing.

Thats where the expression "do it with a kick in your step" comes from. thanks for reading, and Have a great day


Stephanie Brown
Juan Rando


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