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Perth Tango Academy

Classes : Mondays & Thursdays from 6.30pm Logo Circle WEb.png

Since 1998

Feel the Passion of Tango

Juan Rando Dance academy is the oldest continuous running Tango academy in Australia.  We've been teaching Tango since 1996.  This is where J.R.D.A. Started with Juan's passion for discovering new styles of dance and bringing them to Perth. 

We have a very extensive program of Tango Classes over two days.


Level 1 - Introduction to Argentine Tango

Level 2 - Beyond Basics (You'll need to do this level 3 or more times to get all the material)

Level 3 - Classic Tango Salon Combinations for the social dance floor

Level 4 - Neo Tango - By invitation only.  A firm grasp of social lead/follow is necessary, and ability to hold balance in turns.


Session 1 - Walking and Styling Classes.  Work on developing a strong Classic Tango walk.  Also for styling and musicality elements to make your social dancing more elegant and inspired.

Session 2 - Speciality Class (A new specific topic each term).  Often a high level project such as counter-balance, Volcadas, Enredadas etc

A Bit of Tango History

Argentine Tango is a passionate and elegant communication between two people on the dance floor.  Originating in the Rio de la Plata region (Argentina and Uruguay) at the turn of on the 20th century, Tango is steeped in folklore as it was born amongst the poor immigrant classes of the region.  Throughout the early decades of the 2oth century, this dance and it's music spread throughout the world.

Tango enjoyed a renewed revival commencing in the late 80's and continues to be extremely popular today.

After discovering Tango in the mid 90's, Juan Rando took it upon himself to study Tango full time for 1.5 years between 1997-98, in Argentina and the USA, before returning and starting Juan Rando Dance Academy in October 1998.  Juan continues to travel and study techniques constantly looking to improve and upgrade his understanding of the techniques that make this dance immensely beautiful and connected.

J.R.D.A. Tango Performance Videos

J.R.D.A. Tango Performance Videos

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