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Kizomba Classes


Tuesdays from 6.30pm

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The African Party Dance

Join JRDA in Perth & learn Kizomba, a rhythmic & sensual dance style that has couples dancing in close embrace connecting with traditional African Rhythms.   An emphasis often being on subtle hip movements syncronized with the music.

For those who love Afro-beats, dancing close all whilst working on having an amazing connection.  Juan Rando focuses on more traditional Kizomba movements in the first two levels, incorporating fundamental patterns and essentials of good lead/follow technique.  The 3rd level work more on urban Kizomba concepts and Tarraxinha movements.

Level 1 : Introduction to Kizomba
Level 2 : Improving you Kizomba with an emphasis on traditional social movements with simple Tarraxa.
Level 3 : Urban Kiz at it’s most amazing, intricate and challenging.

Juan Rando and his team were the first to start formal Kizomba classes in Perth, and represent both the longest running Kizomba school in Perth, and it’s most experienced and only full time instructor.

What we can offer that no other school can, is a truly professional full time dance teacher who studied Tango, Salsa, Swing, Zouk as well as Ballroom dancing and many other styles.  Modern Kizomba dancers incorporate movements from other styles of dance, and Juan is in a unique position to be able explain, in depth, the techniques that make these movements work gracefully, with a sophisticated understanding of lead and follow.

When you are looking for professional teachers, who are fully invested in giving you the best techniques, with over 20 years experience, JRDA is the place for you.

Teaching dance is not a popularity game for Juan Rando, it’s about producing quality dancers who genuinely understand what is means to be a good social dancer.

A Bit of Kizomba History

Kizomba comes from Africa – the Luso-African countries mainly Angola and Cape Verde (where it is called Passada = meaning steps or a pattern of sequential steps).

The word ‘Kizomba’ is derived as a linguistic expression from the local Angolan slang Kimbundo meaning ‘party’. Kizomba is essentially a partner dance that is danced in social events and has gained immense popularity as a nightly attraction within the dance scene in Europe mainly Portugal (Capital of Kizomba in Europe), UK, Denmark, France, Poland and Spain just to name a few. One could call it the ‘African Tango’.

Characterized by its Connection – depending on the level of intimacy between a couple it can be danced as an extremely close dance with slow and sensual movements, requiring a sense of complicity between the man and the woman. Or alternatively, it can be danced in an open position with more open footwork and faster steps and tricks. Nonetheless, the great thing about this dance is that the interpretation of the music is left to the couple.

Student Performance Team Videos

J.R.D.A. Kizomba Performance Videos

J.R.D.A. Kizomba Performance Videos

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