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  • Can I purchase gift voucher?
    What a great gift idea....the gift of dance Everyone wants to learn to dance...sometimes...they just need encouragement. Two easy choices: 1) DANCE COURSE Gift Certificate. The recipient can choose the style they prefer. OR 2) PRIVATE LESSON Gift Certificate. No better way to get someone off to a good start with a 1 on 1 session with one of our experienced and friendly staff. Purchase your gift certificate online HERE
  • I have a medical condition or injury, can I still participate in classes?"
    Please consult your medical practitioner before embarking on any fitness program. Also talk to our friendly staff about what style would best suit you and be sure to let your instructors know about any existing condition or injury to help them give you the best dance experience possible.
  • Is there parking?
    There is plenty of street parking, though remember there can be up to 200 people passing through the classes on any given night so the earlier you arrive the closer you'll be able to park! There's also a car park at the Rokeby Rd end of Churchill Avenue that is free in the evenings (it is only a 2 minute walk from the studio), and plenty of side streets with free parking. All of these options are free after 5pm.
  • Do I need a partner for the partner style courses?
    No. All classes and courses are designed so that everyone rotates partners on a continuous basis. This means everyone gets to dance with everyone else, making a very social environment where friends are made right from the first class. Changing partners is encouraged, however couples that wish not to change partners simply need to inform their instructor of their wishes. Changing partners in the class also means that you will learn proper techniques to lead or follow and not form bad habits.
  • What do I wear to class?
    Wear something you feel comfortable in, whether it be jeans and a t-shirt, a dress, or gym/activewear - just make sure you can lift your arms. Whilst no special shoes are required in the beginning, make sure the soles of the shoes are not TOO sticky (ie rubber undersole), and ensure that the shoe holds firmly to the front and back (no slip on sandals) - this will make a big difference to your confidence of movement!
  • What do I bring to class
    Bring your * drink bottle * camera/phone * a smile and willingness to learn
  • Do I need any prior dance experience?
    Not at all! You don't need any prior dance experience, or even a lot of coordination, as it's something that we build on during your classes at JRDA. Our level 1 courses will take you through everything step by step to ensure you build confidence on the dance floor. It really doesn't matter if you haven't danced a step in your life!
  • Where do I put my keys and mobile phone?
    It's best to bring a small bag for your personal belongings, as we prefer you don't carry them during classes. There is plenty of space around the studio to leave bags, shoes, etc. Please put your phone on silent during class - if you need to keep it on hand (ie. if you're expecting an important call), please let your instructors know as a courtesy.
  • What if I have to leave early?
    Please let any of your instructors know prior to the start of class that you will need to leave early.
  • What if I can't attend the full Term?
    If you have previous commitments, but still want to sign up for the Term, just let us know at the time you enrol (email to or at reception) and we can give you studio credit to the value of the class(es) you'll be missing. We can't offer credit or similar for missing classes otherwise (some exceptions will be made in the case of Covid isolation)
  • Can I come for a free trial class?
    We are not currently offering free trial classes, but there are still two options for prospective students: 1. You're always welcome to come and watch any of our classes to get an idea of how we run things 2. During Weeks 1 & 2 ONLY of any Term, you may attend class on a casual (one-night) pass - if you then want to complete the Term, we will discount the amount already paid from the full term price
  • Can I pause my Membership if I’m unable to attend classes?
    Yes, Memberships can be suspended for up to 6 weeks in each calendar year (with the exception of your first Bronze Membership). Each period of suspension scheduled will be subject to a $35 admin fee. You must allow up to 7 days for any suspension to take effect, during which time you may be charged the regular weekly payment.
  • When can I cancel my Membership?
    After the initial commitment period is complete, Memberships can be cancelled at any time. If you have paid upfront and require a refund, there will be a $35 admin fee charged. If you have not completed the initial commitment period, there will be additional charges, calculated based on a lower-tier Membership or Pass price, as well as the $35 admin fee. See Membership contract for details.
  • Can I put my Membership on hold if I’m taking a long break?
    Memberships can only be suspended for up to 6 weeks per calendar year. Any longer than this will require that your Membership be cancelled, and the initial commitment period will have to be honoured again once you sign up for a new Membership on return.
  • Is there a signup fee?
    If you sign up for your Membership online, there is no longer any signup fee applied. If one of our staff processes your Membership for you, there will be a $35 admin fee charged.
  • When will I be charged additional fees on my Membership?
    The standard $35 admin fee will be charged when: Signing up for Memberships with our staff, at reception or over the phone Pausing a Membership for any length of time Cancelling any Membership that requires a refund to be processed Cancelling any Membership before the initial commitment period has been completed An additional reprocessing fee of approximately $15 will be charged by Ezidebit if any payment is declined. You will need to contact them directly if there is ever a reason to dispute this.
  • How do the weekly payments work?
    Weekly automatic payments are processed by a third party, Ezidebit, either by credit card or direct debit. If any payment is declined, they will charge a reprocessing fee. On occasion, we will have to follow up on declined payments, which can then be paid directly to JRDA. If you have credit in your JRDA account, and a payment is declined, that credit will be used to cover the declined amount. If you do not have credit, your account will be sent into negative, which will then need to be repaid directly to JRDA.
  • I am no longer able to make use of my Membership - can I transfer it to a friend?
    No, Memberships are non-transferrable.
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