Bachata Classes

Mondays from 6.30pm

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Playful & Popular Bachata

Are you new to dancing, and now sure where to start, or even which style to start with.  Bachata is the easiest of the styles we teach at J.R.D.A.  The basics are quick to learn, and you'll be feeling confident quickly in this style.  For this reason it is one of the more popular styles we teach.  Starting with Bachata will build your confidence quickly before getting in to other styles.

Our Bachata program currently consists of 5 sessions on Mondays.

Level 1 : Great for absolute beginners.  Start the journey by getting a good foundation in basics.

Level 2 :  Consists of several syllabuses that build on the fundamentals in level 1.  You'll need to do this level a few times before progressing.

Level 3 :The highest of our social levels.  New material all the time.  Stick around here until you are confident social dancer, before being invited in to Level 4.

Styling and Technique : For those intersted in getting little deeper with their understanding of technique and who want to practice and master more difficult elements of styling.

A Bit of Bachata History

Bachata originates from the Dominican Republic along with another popular social dance called Merengue.  For much of dance history Merengue was popular not just in the Dominican Republic, but through the world.


Bachata started to become more popular in the 90s and by the early 2000s started to become a well known dance alternative dance style in the Salsa Scene. 

Juan Rando first studied Bachata whilst training in the Miami dance scene around 2002, and introduced this style to Perth the same year.  However the style didn't truly start to become popular, until it it started fusing with other dance styles like Tango (Bachatango in the 2010s), Salsa and ultimately Zouk.  With DJ's remixing popular lyrical songs to Bachata Beats, the dance has taken on a life all of it's own.

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