This page is being updated soon to allow automated booking of space. In the meantime, consider booking our centrally located studio for the following: 

  • Dance Classes (yes we are totally cool with dance teachers teaching more styles)

  • Private Lessons (Ballroom/Ballet/Contemporary & More) teachers looking for a regularly available space to teach.

  • Workshops

  • Private Functions

  • Gaming Days

  • Let us know what you need

Contact us on 08 9382 3235, or for more information

Our three Studios are available for hire

Salon 1

Salon 1 - This is our first studio as you enter through reception.  
Floor size : 9m x 7m

Capacity : 24 - 28 people

Resources : Projector, sound system, full mirrors, sprung floor.


Salon 2

Salon 2 is our largest studio, suitable for bigger groups or activities that require more space.

Floor size: approx 10m x 15m (see floor map below)
Resources: Sound system, full mirrors, stretch bar, sprung floor. Projector available on request.

Salon 3

Salon 3 is a small studio best suited to a small group of 6 - 8 people or private lessons.

Floor size: 5m x 5m
Resources: Bluetooth speaker, full mirrors.

Venue-Hire-2018 p2.png
Venue-Hire-2018 p1.png