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West Coast Swing Music

West Coast Swing Dancing is defined by its amazing versatility across many genres of music.  Originating in the 1940s the dance was originally danced to swing music.  It soon became a popular dance to Blues music, Disco, Funk, Soul, pop music in the 80s and more recently lyrical pop.  This is one of the most versatile dance styles.  

These music playlists are curated by Juan Rando, and are constantly updated as new music is discovered.  Subscribe through your Apple music/itunes account and have them on hand.  

The music I select is what I feel is genuinely exciting to dance to (in my opinion) and it certainly does not represent all the music out there, or everyone's tastes.  Currently approaching 700 tracks.  The lists include specific genres of Blues & Funk, as well a complete list if you just want subscribe to everything.

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