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Zouk Classes in Perth

Thursdays from 6.30pm

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Get in the flow with Brazilian Zouk.

Modern Zouk dancing had it's beginnings in Perth at J.R.D.A. in 2009.  Our team is passionate and dedicated to this amazing style of dance, and prides itself on their understanding of the techniques necessary to teach this style right up the professional level.

Our classes normally consist of three levels + a technique and styling level that is open to everyone.

A Little Bit of Zouk History

Zouk is an evolution of the a Brazilian dance known as Lambada.  The music of lambada shared some similarities with another style of music called Zouk from the Carribean.  As the the dance adapted itself with Zouk music it took on new qualities and styles, until become something unique.  These days there are differing styles of Zouk, both differeent regions as well as how it is danced to different music that is enjoyed in by Brazilian dancers.

The style of Zouk taught at J.R.D.A. takes it's influence from Rio Zouk, however our passionate teachers are constantly exploring all styles and techniques of the dance that hey love so much.

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