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Salsation Classes

Wednesdays @ 5.30pm

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$12 for Single Class
$55 for 5 Class Multipass

$100 for 10 Class Multipass

Saira Brankaer

What is Salsation?

Salsation is a functional training form which includes different styles of music and dance. The name Salsation comes from the words 'salsa' (hot spicy sauce) and 'sensation'.

This dance fitness program puts a strong emphasis on musicality, lyrical expression and body awareness.

Other than the name suggests, Salsation is not just about salsa dancing. Reggaeton, hip-hop, bachata, merengue and other dance styles are all part of the Salsation program. The mix of different dances, rhythms and styles makes Salsation enjoyable for everyone who loves to dance!

Check out some of the fun, high energy dance/fitness choreos

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