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Invitational Classes

We are always excited when we get to offer invitational classes.

We would love to have you come and join us.

When a class is invitational only there are a few things that we would require of you to keep up with this level.

  • It is a requirement that when attending invitational classes, that you continue to attend "at least" one level lower than the invitational level. (if you cannot for some reason, please approach one of your instructors to let them know)

  • Self-improvement is very important. Practicing (alone or with people), going to socials, going to congresses, doing private lessons are all ways for you to keep up, get better and grow.

  • Share the love. The dance community is made stronger and better when we raise each other up and create a positive and vibrant atmosphere. Complimenting each other when you see each other improve, or nail a new move or technique, makes our dance classes a fun place to come to. Please be kind to the less experienced dancers, practice and include them. Being invited to L4 does not mean you have reached the top level or that you are better than other dancers. There is so much more to learn, and we hope to keep growing your curiosity and wish to always improve. So please be respectful and loving to everyone so we can get more people addicted!!!

Prerequisite by Dance Style


  • A strong proven understanding of rhythm and phrasing

  • Lead and follow the the 7 basics of turns of Salsa

  • Execute double one foot spin

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