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Cuban Salsa (Rueda de Casino)

Wednesdays from 6.30pm

Cuban Salsa (Rueda de Casino)

Level 1 : For absolute beginners.  No need to worry if it's your first time.  A great introduction.

Level 2 : Building on the basics, you'll stay in level 2 for  while until you are confident social dancing the basics.

Level 3 : Open and anything goes.

A Bit of Salsa Casino Style History

Cuban salsa or casino is a type of salsa that was developed in recreation center of Havana in the 1950s. A group of young people decided to create their own type of salsa, with specific moves danced in partners in a large circle, or a Rueda.

Cuban salsa is not danced in a back-and-forth motion like most forms of salsa, but rather in an endless circle, with partners twirling and stepping around one another in a merry-go-round fashion.

The beauty of Cuban salsa is that you can jump into a group of ten dancers, all from different countries, none of whom you know, and together, instantly create a beautiful, synchronized dance choreography.

Student Performance Team Videos

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J.R.D.A. Salsa Performance Videos

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