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  • Salsa Copper (L)
    Salsa Copper (L)
    Completed the first 18 step in the Linear Salsa Challenge as a leader
  • Casino Copper (L)
    Casino Copper (L)
    Achieved first 18 Challenge Steps of Cuban Salsa. Amazing Effort!!
  • W.C.S. Copper (L)
    W.C.S. Copper (L)
    West Coast Swing Copper Challenge - Leader Role
  • Tango Copper (F)
    Tango Copper (F)
    First 18 Step of Argentine Tango as a Follower
  • P.D. Rhythm 101
    Professional Development Module 101 : Fundamentals of Rhythm for Dance Teachers
  • P.D. - Turns 101
    Professional Development : Turns 101 - Required for Helper Level
  • WCS Competitor Int.
    WCS Competitor Int.
    Earned the rank of Intermediate in West Coast Swing Competition.

Anna Krechowicz

Salsa Copper (L)
Casino Copper (L)
W.C.S. Copper (L)
Tango Copper (F)
P.D. Rhythm 101
P.D. - Turns 101
WCS Competitor Int.
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