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  • Casino Copper (L)
    Casino Copper (L)
    Achieved first 18 Challenge Steps of Cuban Salsa. Amazing Effort!!
  • Tango Copper (F)
    Tango Copper (F)
    First 18 Step of Argentine Tango as a Follower
  • Bachata Copper (L)
    Completed the first 18 steps of the Bachata Challenge as a Leader.
  • P.D. Rhythm 101
    Professional Development Module 101 : Fundamentals of Rhythm for Dance Teachers
  • Kizomba Copper (F)
    Completed first 18 patterns of Kizomba Challenge as Follower
  • W.C.S. Copper (F)
    W.C.S. Copper (F)
    Completed first 18 Patterns of West Coast Swing as a follower
  • P.D. - Pedagogy 101
    Professional Development Module : Pedagogy 101. - Required for JRDA Helpers
  • Casino Copper (F)
    Achieved the first 18 steps of the Salsa Casino Style challenge as a follower
  • P.D. - Turns 101
    Professional Development : Turns 101 - Required for Helper Level

Louisa Emily Elizabeth Twigg

Casino Copper (L)
Tango Copper (F)
Bachata Copper (L)
P.D. Rhythm 101
Kizomba Copper (F)
W.C.S. Copper (F)
P.D. - Pedagogy 101
Casino Copper (F)
P.D. - Turns 101
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