Do I need a partner for the partner-style courses? (ie Salsa, Tango, Zouk, West Coast Swing)

No. All classes and courses are designed so that everyone rotates partners on a continual basis. This means everyone gets to dance with everyone else, making a very social environment where friends are made right from the first class. Changing partners is encouraged, however couples who wish not change partners simply need to inform their instructor of their wishes. Changing partners in the class also means that you will learn proper technique to either lead or follow and not form bad habits.

What do I need to wear?

Salsa, Tango, Zouk, West Coast Swing:
Basically wear whatever clothes you feel comfortable in, whether it is jeans and a t-shirt or a skirt/dress (for women) or trousers. It is the choice of footwear that is more important when it comes to dancing. Whilst no special shoes are required in the beginning, make sure that the under-surface is not TOO sticky (ie brand new rubber undersole) and that the shoe holds your foot from the front and the back (no slip on type sandals) - this will help with the turns!

Samba No Pe:
Exercise attire (gym/yoga). You’re going to sweat and WORK! Bring a towel and plenty of water too! Sneakers are fine to start with.

Is there parking?

There is plenty of street parking though remember there can be up to 200 people passing through the classes on any given night so the earlier you arrive, the closer the parking spot you can secure! There’s also a car park at the end of Churchill Avenue (at the corner of Bagot Road) that is free in the evenings. (It’s only 2 minutes walk from the studio). There are also plenty of side streets with free parking.