JRDA Medal Exam

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.

The Medal Awards program is an excellent way for students to set and achieve a high standard in their dancing. It is a stepwise measurement of progress and a strong motivator for improvement.

By achieving a medal award, you will gain the satisfaction and knowledge that your dancing has reached a recognized level as determined by professionals. You are now ready to strive for the next level.

For those students who do not have a regular dance partner, there is no better way to determine your dancing proficiency. Because a medal award is an evaluation of an individual dancer, and not a couple, it is an excellent goal for self improvement.

What dances do I do?
Medals can be achieved in any of the following categories.

Salsa: Salsa (Linear), Merengue, Bachata, Cuban Salsa
Argentine Tango: Argentine Tango, Milonga
Samba de Gafiera
Zouk (in development)
West Coast Swing

For more information check the website (http://www.jrda.com.au/page/411) or contact the office: Email info@jrda.com.au or Call (08)9382 3235