Juan Rando

Founder & Principal instructor

Primary dances : Argentine tango, salsa, west coast swing, triple step mambo, bachata

Secondary dances : Zouk, samba de gafieira, kizomba

Juan Rando has been training in dance since the early 90s. Initially in Ballroom & Club Dancing, Juan went on to explore many styles in his formative years. Juan’s passion for Argentine Tango took him on a tour around the world for 16 months from early '97 to '98 where he studied with various teachers and mentors not only in Tango itself but also with teachers who were adept at understanding the underlying techniques of dance movement. Whilst living and studying dance in Miami, he discovered Salsa “Casino Style”, where he took up the purpose of learning this style to bring back to Australia.

Juan Rando has established one of the largest of longest established Tango and Salsa Dance Academies in Australia today, by not resting on his laurels, he has developed a reputation for constantly developing his own techniques, and also in developing great systems of giving this knowledge to his students.

Juan’s greatest strengths are in his detailed and thorough technical knowledge in all aspects of Dance Movement and Connection allowing him to develop some of the finest dancers in the country today.

Juan has trained numerous Australian Champion Dancers in the last 10 years, and continues to develop both social and performance dancers tirelessly.