Alisson R. Sandi

Instructor and Brazilian styles manager

Primary dances: Zouk, Samba de Gafieira, Forro, Bolero

Secondary dances: Salsa, Argentine Tango

Alisson began his dance career in Brazil at the age of 15 and since then he hasn’t looked back. He has often been referred as the “Master of Zouk in Perth” and is the founder and creator of ‘Brazuka Dance’. In 2007, he joined the Juan Rando Dance Academy in Perth, Australia, injecting his own Brazilian dance styles and electrifying the Latin dance scene. His skills not only include teaching dance, he is also a very talented and world-renowned choreographer, performer, promoter and DJ. Alisson is recognized internationally and the style of Brazilian dance that he is brings to Australia cannot easily be found or replaced. He is an accomplished Brazilian dance teacher and performer with world class credentials and has taught and trained a number of professionals to teach in Australia and overseas.

Alisson and Audrey met at the Juan Rando Dance Academy and have been dancing together for four years. They deliver the best Brazilian dances, captivating their audiences with their energy and flavour. This dynamic duo regularly attracts full-house attendances in workshops across the world in both zouk and samba de gafieira due to their inspiring and passionate teaching methods, giving a fun class with clear and detailed instructions. Their strong loyal, following in Perth, Australia and across the world is clear testament to their strength as teachers and performers.

In 2014, Alisson and Audrey won the professional zouk division in the Australian Salsa Open with one of the highest scores across the competition and represented Australia in the World Latin Dance Cup in its first professional zouk division.

Passionate, dedicated and enthusiastic dancers, Alisson and Audrey look forward to sharing their knowledge and promoting their unique dance style in Australia and the world.

*JRDA Show 2013 - A night at the movies - Alisson and Audrey